Mason and Lisa Menninger are the founders of Lifeform Studio, one of the world’s first combined 3D photography and 3D printing studios. Located in Leawood, Kansas, Lifeform Studio photographs individuals using more than 100 professional, synchronized cameras. The 1.8 gigapixels of captured image data is used to first virtually then physically re-create the subject with a state-of-the-art 3D printer. The end result is a full-color and highly detailed “lifeform” to share as a unique keepsake.

Spanning more than 20 years, Mason’s experience with 3D modeling and programming began at NASA’s Johnson Space Center with his work on a virtual reality trainer for the original Hubble repair mission.  His career continued to emphasize re-creating reality as Mason pursued other projects in the space program and beyond.

Lisa is a Kansas City physician, board certified in clinical pathology. Although her professional training and experience are in medicine, Lisa has had a life-long passion for art. Inspired to build her own art studio, she saw the opportunity to immerse herself in a creative environment when Mason first introduced the concepts behind Lifeform Studio.

Together they formed a business that combined their passions for art and science.  While Lisa focused on the creative direction of the venture, Mason developed and fined-tuned the technology. Their vision for Lifeform Studio is to have the perfect balance between art and science that will generate widespread regional, national and international interest.

Mason and Lisa Menninger currently reside in Overland Park, Kansas with their daughter, Maya. In addition to all things 3D, Mason enjoys photography, strategy gaming and experimenting in the kitchen. Lisa enjoys teaching Maya about science, painting with acrylics, independent film and music, and immersing herself in different cultures.