What are the lifeforms made out of?

The lifeforms are a combination of a few different substances. Each one is printed in fine layers on the surface of a powder similar to gypsum plaster. The binder that holds the layers together is also what give the lifeforms their color. After they are excavated from the 3D printer bed, the lifeforms are submerged in a substance that adds to its strength and brings out the full range of colors.

Can you photograph more than one person at a time?

Yes - but with certain restrictions. The issue with more than one person on the stage is that some camera views of each individual will be blocked by the other(s). Because of this, the spaces between will be difficult to reconstruct in 3D. The solution is to pose with no space between the individuals - resulting in a merged lifeform. But because each lifeform is more like a sculpture than a photograph, there is no real savings in production time or 3D printing material cost. So the overall price would remain the same as each person with their own photography session.

Do you hand paint the lifeforms?

No - our studio's 3D printer creates the lifeforms in full color.